Holiday Beer Dinner 12/28/17



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  • Regular Price: $55.00
  • Mug Club Price: $50.00
  • Designated Driver: $25.00 (Includes Food & Unlimited Non-Alcoholic Beverages)
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Holiday Beer Dinner Menu

Our Beer Dinner is sort of a pick your own adventure with Holiday Beer, Cocktails and even Wine (Cassel Vineyards). Choose which option you’d like and enjoy your selection with 5 courses of gourmet paired cuisine.

Cocktail Hour: Amuse-Bouche Maple Bacon Crostini

Beer: Bourbon Sweet Potato Dunkleweizen with Ghost Peppers

Spirit: Egg Nog Rum (made with our Caribbean Rum)

Wine: Chambourcin 

Course #1: Sweet Potato Soup

Beer: Candied Yam Ale

Spirit: Hard Apple Pie Shine (made with our Apple Pie Moonshine)

Wine: Spiced Holiday Wine

Course #2: Green Bean Casserole

Beer: Cranberry IPA (made by award winning home brewer Chris Harvey)

Spirit: Gin Fizz (made with our Pennsylvania Gin)

Wine: Vidal Semi Sweet

Course #3: Maple Pomegranate Ham with Rum Pineapples & Cherries. Accompanied by Cheddar Au Gratin and Apples

Beer: Sah’ti Ale

Spirit: Old Fashion (made with our Junior Bourbon)

Wine: Concord

Course #4: Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake

Beer: Mint Chocolate Shake Stout

Spirit: Cranberry Mule (made with our Tattered Flag Vodka)

Wine: Chocolate Port

Social Hour:

Beer: Ginger Bread Brown Ale on Nitro (made in collaboration with Wolf Brewing Co.)

Spirit: Pumpkin Margarita (made with our Blue Agave Spirit, our version of Tequila)

Wine: Winners Circle White

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